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Teleradiology Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the qualifications of the Radiologist?

a. All interpreting radiologists are board certified. Most have fellowship training.

b. All radiologists are trained and based in the United States. (No ghost reporting)

2. What types of interpretations do you perform?

a. Our staff physicians perform both preliminary and final interpretations of imaging examinations. Our teleradiology, nighthawk radiology, and day coverage radiology services can cover all shifts and provide accurate reports within 24 hours of receipt of scans. In contrast, similar services located outside of the U.S. only offer preliminary reports and not final reports.

3. What is the advantage of working directly with Excalibur compared to a physician recruiting or locums company for Teleradiology?

a. Working directly with Excalibur avoids additional charges that recruiting and locums companies can add. Often their additional charges add greater than 20% to the charges you must pay for interpretative services. Using Excalibur's teleradiology services, you still get the radiology staffing help you need while avoiding the additional charges. You get immediate savings compared to working with locums or physician recruiting companies.

4. Are you licensed in my state?

a. All interpreting radiologists are licensed in the states in which they perform services.

5. Do you provide your own malpractice coverage

a. Excalibur HealthCare provides malpractice coverage for all staff physicians.

6. How do I start with Excalibur?

a. Once you make the decision to use our teleradiology services and connect to our facility, we will provide you with the technical support to make the transition smooth.

7. Do I need a PACS at my location?

a. No, a PACS is not required to electronically link to our site. Depending on your equipment and current telecommunications, links can be established within one week.

8. Will your doctors join the hospital medical staff?

a. Our doctors will apply for hospital staff privileges as required by your facility.