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Why Telehealth Services Can Remedy Healthcare Deficiencies


Rising Physician Shortages require telehealth resized 600

The Association of American Medical Colleges, AAMC Center for Workforce Studies estimates that the United States will face a shortage of 124,000-159,000 physicians by 2025. Potential reforms, such as universal health care coverage, will add to overall demand for doctors and increase the projected shortfall by 25 percent. An acute physician shortage will have a profound impact on health care access, quality, and costs, especially for Americans who are already underserved. The physician shortage will grow worse as the U.S. population grows and ages. Source: AAMC Center for Workforce Studies, June 2010 Analysis


Novel approaches to healthcare delivery are required to combat deficiencies in healthcare access. One solution to this growing concern is Telehealth Services.


Telehealth Defined:

Telehealth is the use of telecommunications and information technology to provide access to health assessments between a patient and a health care professional separated by distance, facilitating timely communication between two health care providers working tocoordinate patient care.Telehealth outcomes benefit both facilities and their patients.Telehealth means greater access to specialty care in regions where health care disparities arise. This reduces the cost for patients as they can receive care closer to home, reducing travel expenses and lost wages. Telehealth services are patient-centric and foster collaboration among clinicians for improved quality of care.


Telehealth Benefits  Healthcare Providers and Their Patients:

Telehealth Benefits resized 600

Telehealth services = Reduced hospital readmissions and  Improved Patient Outcomes.


Telehealth includes remote specialty consultations, remote patient monitoring, and education for patients and staff.


To learn more about Telehealth Services, view our Telehealth Video and Excalibur's Telehealth Services page.



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