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What is Telehealth?



Telehealth Defined: Telehealth is a means of delivering medical information and health care through the use of telecommunication between a patient and a health care professional separated by distance.Telehealth technology facilitates timely communication between two health care providers working to coordinate patient care with or without the patient.


Telehealth benefits


Types of Telehealth:

Real-time Telehealth
  • Telecommunication link allows immediate interactions, via video conferencing.
Store & Forward
  • Digital images, video, audio and clinical data are captured (stored) on a computer and transmitted (forwarded) through secure means to an alternative location where they are reviewed by a specialist and transmitted back with an opinion on next steps.
Remote Monitoring
  • Clients vital signs and predetermined health measures are consistently, reliably and accurately monitored from a distant location (e.g. blood pressure heart rate, weight etc.)

Technology Used to Deliver Telehealth:

Telephones, Video Conferencing, FAX, Email, Text Messaging, Computer, Virtual Reality, Telerobotics

Why Telehealth?

Facilities utilizing telehealth services realize greater patient retention, avoid transfer fees and increase their revenue which benefits the community as a whole. This allows patients to remainin the community close to their families and support system, which leads to greater patient satisfaction. Retaining patients means retaining the bundled payments as well. Telehealth improves acute and chronic disease management and reduces hospital readmissions as well as improving QA metrics for outcomes measures. Telehealth includes remote specialty consultations, remote patient monitoring, and education for your patients and staff.

To learn more about telehealth, view our Telehealth Awareness Seminar and our Teleheath Video.

Contact us today to discuss how your facility can benefit from our customized Telehealth Solutions!




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