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Telemedicine is Reducing the Cost of Healthcare!


telemedicine controls healthcare costs 

An article published in Healthcare Finance News July 12, 2012 by Steff Deschenes, New Media Producer entitled: 5 ways telemedicine is reducing the cost of healthcare promotes the use of telemedicine including teleradiology.

The article states that "Remote analysis services, like telepathology and teleradiology, can contribute to lower cost and higher quality care as they enable highly trained professionals to work as a pooled resource. Use of these remote services enables low-volume providers to have around the clock coverage at a lower cost. In smaller facilities, there may not be sufficient volume to keep a pathologist or radiologist fully occupied. Telemedicine enables fractional employment."
The 5 ways telemedicine is reducing healthcare costs includes the use of remote analysis services along with:
  • Remote monitoring technologies
  • mHealth monitoring technologies
  • At-home Triage Services
  • Telemedicine Appointments

We agree! Excalibur supports the use of telemedicine and provides customized solutions to facilitate the best possible use of telemedicine technology.  Please contact us to learn how our solutions can benefit your facility and watch our telehealth video to learn more!




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